Contact Info: 510.562.0205 | 14837 Washington Ave. San Leandro, CA 94579

The Comic Shop is a female-owned store, in business
for more than twenty-five years. We specialize in
great customer service, and sell comics of all sorts,
action figures and figurines, t-shirts, and games for
the whole family.

At the Comic Shop you can find new comic books from
a wide variety of publishers, a large collection of back
issues, trade paperbacks and graphic novels, along with
Japanese and American manga, even a section dedicated
to comics for young readers. We also sell a large selection
of comics memorabilia, such as posters, action figures and
fine figurines, and t-shirts.

In our collection of games you are sure to find something to please the whole family, either as a group or solo.
Card games, board games large and small, puzzles
and educational activities.

The Comic Shop offers subscription services for all of its customers. Place orders with us for comics new and old, t-shirts, action figures, DVDs and more. Come in and pick up your items at your leisure, they come in all the time!

Come by the Shop to open an account, or send questions to for more info.

The Comic Shop even has an online shop, available through eBay. You can find a wide array of unique items in our eBay store, including vintage comics, action figures, apparel, puzzles and more. International shipping is available.

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